Pttlink Joint Assistance Food Safety Industry Emergency Command and dispatch to a new stage

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The party and the government attach great importance to the work of food and drug supervision, and all the plenaries since the 18th party congress have made major arrangements for food safety. Food safety is not only related to our physical and mental health, but also affects the healthy development of our economy and social harmony and stability. However, food safety supervision is a long-term, dynamic supervision process, not once and for all. Through information-based supervision, grasp the work of food safety, reduce the probability of food safety risks.

Food safety has always been a matter of people‘s livelihood that we attach great importance to. Our country‘s food safety problems mainly have the following characteristics:

1. Food safety issues are common

Food and beverage kitchen inspection less, less restrictions, dirty and poor, such as serious phenomenon, frequent food safety accidents.

2. Food safety supervision is difficult

For the regulatory authorities, the number of catering units, but the number of regulatory personnel is insufficient, relatively weak regulatory power, it is difficult to achieve effective supervision.

3. There are many illegal operations

For food and beverage organizations, the daily operation is difficult to standardize and unify, often do not wear a work cap, do not wear work clothes, do not wear masks and other irregular behavior

 4. Food safety is difficult to trace

For the public at large, it is difficult to know where the ingredients come from and give feedback on the food.

The food safety law, enacted in October 2015, provides the main basis for ensuring food safety and provides a legal and institutional guarantee for the systematic and orderly resolution of current food safety problems, opening a new stage in China‘s food safety supervision.
Integrating cutting-edge technologies such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, Edge Computing and data science, integrating existing resources such as market supervision departments, education departments, and intelligent network engineering, and innovating regulatory and service means, build an internet + “Bright kitchen kitchen light stove” intelligent monitoring platform, break through the food safety-related data“Perception, knowledge, use” chain, automatic collection of sensors, video surveillance, food supply chain, key personnel and other multi-source data, through data fusion into knowledge, reasonable guidance decision-making; change can be regarded as knowable, alarm into early warning, we should use technology to prevent human defense, improve the intelligence of food safety supervision and scientific decision-making, and form a coordinated management pattern of“Subject self-discipline, government supervision and social supervision”, jointly build and govern the“Sunshine Kitchen” to ensure food safety.
In view of the characteristics of the food safety industry, combined with the supervision requirements of Internet + “Bright kitchen and bright stove” put forward by the national regulatory authorities, Huamai Zhilian utilizes its own technology and experience in the Communication Command and dispatch industry, the following problems can be solved for the food safety industry.
1. Construction of Food and Drug Emergency Command Center
The Emergency Command Center is the control center of the Food and Drug Emergency Command and dispatch system. All commands in emergency management are issued from the command center, which is the Control Center for the regulatory department to handle public emergencies, it is mainly about the management of emergency handling, which can register, handle, track and feedback the emergency, synthesize the situation, release and report the final incident.
The Emergency Command Center has set up a secondary command center, and the Regional Command Center is connected with the Regional Command Center, and the Supervisory Department conducts remote command of the scene through the command center, access to the food and drug monitoring platform can collect data from the scene analysis for the Emergency Command Center to provide an accurate judgment of the emergency command.
2. video surveillance and video conference system support
he video surveillance includes two parts: the video surveillance of food production and management and the image management of law enforcement surveillance, which can connect with the video surveillance equipment of the main body of food production and management, law enforcement officers can use the law enforcement recorder or mobile soldiers to video recording of law enforcement, on-site photos and so on, for monitoring platform spot checks, law enforcement use.
3. Comprehensive law enforcement supervisionIntegrated law enforcement supervision can display the main body of food business on the map of the command and dispatch system, and can view the relevant information of enterprises by clicking on the label points, and can also supervise food safety through administrative management and administrative law enforcement, through grid management, supervision and inspection and case management can be timely and better supervision of food safety.


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