Multimedia Command and Dispatch Console Software

 Multimedia dispatching console software is a professional dispatching console software launched for industrial users, which integrates audio, video, map and data dispatching.

The multimedia command and dispatching console software is a professional dispatching console software launched for industrial users. The integrated audio and video dispatching greatly improves the ease of use and convenience of dispatching operations; the visual graphical dispatching interface makes the dispatching user‘s status clear at a glance ; One-click voice calling and video scheduling, providing users with extremely efficient scheduling operations; a variety of configuration resources to improve use flexibility and enrich scheduling methods.
The command dispatching console software has built-in multimedia dispatching functions such as graphical personnel management functions, on-duty communication dispatching functions, visual video dispatching functions, audio conference dispatching functions, and group broadcast dispatching functions. The function modules are flexibly selected to meet the multimedia dispatching business needs of different positions. .
Main features:
● Provide professional-quality user graphical interface;
● Advanced audio and video processing technology to ensure high-quality voice and video quality;
● Real-time display of user status and scheduling line usage;
● Support simultaneous multi-channel video preview and forwarding;
● Supports 2-way linked telephones, which can realize simultaneous multi-channel calls;
● Voice dispatch and video dispatch adopt integrated interface design, which is convenient to operate;
● On the GIS map scheduling interface, support online positioning of scheduling terminal members;
● In the GIS map interface, it supports viewing the track playback of the reported member information;
● The function buttons of the dispatcher can be configured as needed;
● Support Windows 7, Windows 10 operating system.
The main function:
● Voice scheduling operations:
single call, group call
Intercom, broadcast, conference
Forcibly inserted, forcibly removed, forcibly broken
Pickup, Blind Transfer, Negotiated Transfer
Recording, monitoring, three-way call
● Video scheduling function:
Video Surveillance
video recording
video photo
live video
● GIS-based scheduling:
Map loading, moving, stretching
User location display
User Trajectory Tracking
Click directly on the GIS map to call users and view videos;
circle meeting
Circle the radio
GIS Member List
Support Baidu online map and Baidu offline map