Video conferencing system software

The video conferencing system adopts the latest audio and video coding technology, which has outstanding performance in echo suppression and bandwidth adaptive capability. As a supporting system for the visual command and dispatch system, it realizes the multi-party video fusion of mobile soldiers.

1. System overview
It is an advanced enterprise video conferencing system, it supports the most popular H.264 high-definition video (720P) compression format, can hold multiple groups of high-definition conferences at the same time, can support a variety of dynamic split screens of up to 16 pictures, and has flexible conference control function,
Support IETF-SIP international protocol, high compatibility. Easy system remote management and software updates via the web.
2. System capacity
● 2HD/ 4 4CIF: Supports 2 groups of 720P HD conferences or 4 groups of 4CIF conferences at the same time
● Support up to 36 video terminals to participate in the conference at the same time
● Support MCU cluster, a single scheduling server can be connected to multiple MCUs
3. Relevant standards
● SIP;
4. Video parameters
● Frame rate: 25/30 fps, 12.5/15 fps;
● Video protocol: H.264, H.263, MPEG4;
● Video resolution: HD effect (720P), DVD effect (4CIF), VCD effect (CIF), QCIF, VGA;
● Support up to 16 split screens (CP);
5. network support
● Support video packet loss feedback and retransmission
● Support dynamic bit rate control
● Support NAT traversal
6. Audio parameters
● G.711 a/u, G.722, Speex, GSM, Opus, support HD audio, 8khz, 16Khz, 32khz and 48Khz.
7. Video recording and control
Support conference recording, can record MP4, FLV format, support Web control conference members (full screen, pause, kick out, etc.)
8. network characteristics
● 256Kbps-4Mbps;
● Support NAT function;
● 2×10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet;
9. Security Protocol
10. Conference Features
● Integrated conference platform (integrated voice and video);
● Rich and diverse conference split-screen modes;
● Support custom split screen mode or automatic split screen mode;
● Support up to 8 groups of conference rooms at the same time;
● Support speaker conference mode;
● Support the chairman of the meeting;
● Support transcoding between different video protocols;
● Rich conference control interface (mute, pause/resume a certain channel of video, full screen, delete, etc.)